Photo of speech and language center group in front of sign that says Communication Studies and Services Speech and language Center; shows 8 women in a circular format with their arms around each other

The Speech & Language Center is located in Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall, Room 3225. If you would like to request speech-language instruction services on a regular basis, sign up in the Speech & Language Center or at the CSS staff assistant’s desk in LBJ 3850.

Services in the Speech & Language Center are:

  • Accessible
  • Individualized
  • Fun

Instruction Opportunities

The Speech & Language Center is the place to come for communication instruction and activities.

The Communication Studies and Services department provides an array of communication-enhancing experiences that are designed to address your needs and requests. Instructional activities take place in the Speech & Language Center, LBJ Room 3225, an exciting student-centered facility created with your needs in mind. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in the Speech & Language Center will allow you to build confidence using spoken communication.

You can schedule weekly appointments for individual speech-language instruction to help you improve your general communication skills as well as job-related communication skills. You’ll have input into establishing goals, setting priorities, selecting activities and measuring your progress.  You’ll also have access to computer software programs and mobile applications that provide visual and auditory feedback during instruction. 

You can get instruction and practice in: 

  • Producing sounds that will help improve spoken communication
  • Improving vocal quality
  • Improving pronunciation
  • Using general and technical vocabulary
  • Improving grammar in speech
  • Practicing conversational skills
  • Using communication strategies
  • Preparing for job interviews and learning interview techniques
  • Accessing current mobile applications on tablet devices to learn independent practice strategies

Photo of male cochlear implant patient and female speech pathologist who is pointing at a laptop display of data readout related to his implant

On-Call Services

NTID Communication Studies and Services speech-language pathologists are on-call in the Speech & Language Center for several hours each week to answer your speech-language audiological questions. No appointment is necessary.  On-call schedules vary each semester and are posted in the Center, LBJ-3225.

Speech-language services offered during on-call hours are:

  1. Communication evaluations
  2. Communication practice
  3. Job interview practice
  4. Practice in making a presentation
  5. Pronunciation and vocabulary instruction
  6. Conversation practice
  7. Use of the latest technology for visual feedback and audio/video recordings via tablet applications and PC programs
  8. Tutoring for Communication Studies courses

The CSS Department also hosts a Spoken Conversation and Practice Group that meets weekly in the Speech & Language Center to provide a place for you to gather informally and discuss current events and other topics of interest to the group.

If you would like to request speech-language instruction, go to the Speech & Language Center (LBJ-Room 3225) or to the staff assistant’s desk (LBJ-3850) and sign up.

Find us on campus

Parking is available in lot L. Visitor parking permits are available at the Welcome Center near the center of campus (adjacent to D lot). Our offices are located on the third floor of the LBJ building.