What speech-language services do you offer? 
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How many hours per week can I schedule speech-language instruction?
Typically students attend sessions twice a week for 50 minutes each session.

How many semesters can I take speech-language instruction?
Typically students stay in therapy for two or three semesters. Typically students stay in therapy for two or three semesters. Near the end of the semester, you and your speech-language instructor will discuss your progress and your personal communication goals. Together you will make a joint decision about continuing services.

How do I sign up for speech-language instruction services?
You can go to the Speech & Language Center (LBJ-Room 3225) or to the staff assistant’s desk (LBJ-3850) and sign up.

How much choice do I have in selecting my speech-language instruction goals and what to work on?
You and your speech-language instructor share responsibility for deciding on goals and activities and setting priorities. We encourage you to take an active role in the learning process.

Is speech-language instruction always one-on-one or is there group instruction?
Generally, speech services are provided in a one-on-one setting. Occasionally, when there is a request for group instruction, we try to provide it.

Do I have to pay for speech-language instruction services?
No. There are no fees for individual speech-language instruction, walk-in services or for participation in Spoken Conversation Practice Groups hosted in the Speech & Language Center. There are no fees for walk-in services or for participation in Spoken Conversation Practice Groups hosted in the Speech & Language Center.

What are walk-in services?
You can come to the Speech & Language Center without an appointment and receive walk-in-services which include instruction and practice in a variety of skills related to spoken communication. Tutoring for Communication Studies courses is also provided. The schedule for walk-in services changes every semester. Please check Department Hours to view the current schedule. 

Can I be guaranteed to get speech-language instruction after I sign up and request it?
We do our best to schedule you quickly but sometimes there is a waiting list for services. Speech-language instruction is in high demand. It’s open to all students and we do our best to serve everyone who has requested it.

If I do not receive speech-language instruction is there another way for me to practice my speaking skills?
You can use walk-in services for help in speech and other communication skills. However, this isn’t a substitute for individual speech-language instruction because it does not provide in-depth weekly instruction.  You may also inquire about opportunities to meet weekly for one-on-one conversation practice with a graduate speech-language students and/or participate in small group conversation practice in the Spoken Communication Practice Group.