Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL Certificate

Patti Durr, Program Contact

The Certificate in Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL is offered to students enrolled in degree programs at NTID and the other colleges of RIT as an enhancement to their portfolio of general academic, career and technical skills. It is not a stand-alone certification. The certificate offers you an opportunity to learn about historical, anthropological, linguistic, literary, artistic and multicultural aspects of deaf people’s lives. Courses expose you to a breath and depth of topics in Deaf Cultural Studies and ASL, and address NTID General Education goals for critical thinking, writing and public presentations.

The overall program goals of the Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL Certificate are to:

  • study the Deaf experience from the perspective of a disenfranchised minority group  
  • understand and appreciate Deaf culture 
  • promote the development of English and ASL literacy  
  • promote the development of critical thinking skills 
  • promote the development of communication skills

For the Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL Certificate, you choose three (3) of the elective courses listed below. The courses may be taken at any semester in your program of study.

  • NHSS-159 Deaf Community in the Modern World
  • NHSS-260 Deaf People and Civil Rights
  • NHSS-270 Multiculturalism in the Deaf Community
  • NASL-275 Structure of ASL
  • NHSS-269 Visual Expressions of Deafhood
  • NHSS-279 Seminar in Deaf Cultural Studies