Courses Chart and Complete Course Listing

Course Number Course Name Perspective: Communication, Social & Global Awareness Perspective: ASL/Deaf Cultural Studies Creative and Innovative Exploration Preparatory
NHSS-120Introduction to Performing Arts  x 
NHSS-122Introduction to StageCraft  x 
NHSS-130Acting I  x 
NHSS-132Sign Mime, Creative Movement and Visual Theatre  x 
NHSS-134Dance I: Jazz and Hip-Hop  x 
NHSS-223Scenic & Lighting Technology  x 
NHSS-224Scenic Painting and Props  x 
NHSS-225Costume, Mask & Stage Makeup  x 
NHSS-231Acting II  x 
NHSS-235Dance II: Modern Dance & Ballet  x 
NHSS-240Theatre History Through Deaf Eyes  x 
NHSS-248Theatre Practicum: (Topic)  x 
NHSS-249Seminar in Performing Arts: (Topic)  x
NHSS-110Perspectives in Literature and the Arts   x
NHSS-111The Changing American Family   x
NHSS-180Introduction to Social Sciencesx   
NHSS-219Dramataic Literature & Performancex   
NHSS-281Civic Engagementx   
NHSS-150Deaf Perspectives on Contemporary Civilization x  
NHSS-159Deaf Community in the Modern Worldx   
NHSS-260Deaf People & Civil Rightsx   
NHSS-269Visual Expressions of Deafhood  x 
NHSS-270Multiculturalism in the Deaf Communityx   
NHSS-279Seminar in Deaf Cultural Studiesx