Welcome to the Deaf Studies Laboratory (DSL) where we study the Deaf Experience. This website describes our laboratory, the work we do, and who we are. If you are interested in participating in one of our research studies, visit the 'participate' section. We hope you enjoy the website!

About Here you can learn about the mission of dsl and the lab's history. Click on 'About' to learn how dsl was established and the purpose of the laboratory.
Research dsl strives to understand the Deaf Experience. We are specifically interested in how the environment shapes deaf individuals' language, cognitive and psychosocial development and its impact on their education and quality of life.
Participate dsl needs people to participate in its experiments. We will pay you for your time. We need deaf and hearing people from all kinds of backgrounds. Join our participant list by clicking on 'Participate'.
Contact Thank you for visiting our website. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or feedback feel free to contact us. We would really like to hear from you.