Ryan Kranz


Chicago, IL
Mechanical Engineering
Why I chose my major: 

I love building and working on cars.

Why I chose RIT: 
Because it was my dream college. I love being in a Deaf community, and they have great support for deaf students.
What I like best about RIT: 

The Deaf community

Best part of living on campus: 

Classes are a lot closer than living off-campus.

Dream job: 
Own my own business for different types of engineering, but mainly mechanical.
Favorite spot on campus: 

CSD Student Development Center

Favorite professor: 
Mitchell Bacot, because he’s helped me learn a lot in math.
Favorite class: 
Math, because I love solving problems and thinking a lot at the same time.
What excites me about RIT: 

The co-ops (cooperative work experiences), so I can get hands-on experience and make good money at the same time.

My most memorable experience at RIT/NTID: 
The Brick City homecoming men’s hockey game against St. Lawrence.
If I could tell prospective students only one thing about RIT/NTID, it would be: 

You will meet so many new friends here, many who will become your best friends for life.

Favorite place to eat in Rochester: 
Bugaboo Creek, really good steaks!
Favorite movie: 
“Fast & Furious”