Engineering Studies Support Services

Services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the College of Engineering and College of EngineeringTechnology

Engineering Studies support faculty provide support services for deaf and hard-of- hearing students enrolled in RIT’s College of Engineering (COE) and College of Engineering Technology. The support team is a group of faculty and staff who are professionals in their specific disciplines such as civil engineering, manufacturing/mechanical engineering technology and electrical engineering to name a few.

Services provided for students include tutoring, academic advising, co-op advising and career and personal counseling. Faculty with appropriate background provide individual and small group tutoring for engineering courses in the College of Engineering and the College of Engineering Technology. There also are other tutoring centers in various locations around campus:

Below are two lists for tutors for the various Engineering Studies courses.

We will update the list regularly as course offerings and tutors may change.

Faculty on the Engineering Studies Support Team also provide secondary academic advising to deaf and hard-of-hearing students. They help students select appropriate courses to complete their degree requirements.

Counseling services help students with personal issues such as adjusting to college life, identity and communication issues, relationships, and career and academic program choice.

Where to find us:

College of Engineering – Building 09, Room 1115

Support Faculty/Staff

Dino Laury
Department Chair
Engineering Studies
585-475-6782 (V)
VP: 585-286-4613
Amber Stone
Staff Assistant
Engineering Studies
585-   (VP)
Scott Bellinger
Instructional/Support Faculty
Engineering Studies
585-475-4400 (V)
Instructional/Support Faculty
Engineering Studies
Mary Pat Magde
Mary Pat Magde
Instructional/Support Faculty
585-475-6638 (v/TTY)