Robb Dooling


Omaha, NE
Computer Science; minor in Writing Studies
Why I chose my major: 

I love technology and solving challenging problems to help people.

Why I chose RIT: 
I chose RIT for the deaf community and geek culture.
What I like best about RIT: 

The amount of resources (tutoring, advising and counseling) offered to help students reach their full potential.

Best part of living on campus: 

People are much more open-minded about deaf and/or LGBT people here than in many other places.

Dream job: 
Software engineer at NASA.
Favorite spot on campus: 

The wooden swing hanging from the tree near the College of Science.

Favorite professor: 
Roxanne Canosa in the Computer Science Department, because she is extremely approachable and helpful, either via email or in person.
Favorite class: 
Software Engineering, because it is a great taste of the real world: our teams tackle challenging coding/design projects. Regardless of how much you contribute while programming, teamwork and communication skills also are an essential part of the course.
What excites me about RIT: 

The opportunities available to hard-working students, especially in technology and jobs.

My most memorable experience at RIT/NTID: 
Developing the See-Through Life-Size Interactive Monitor:
If I could tell prospective students only one thing about RIT/NTID, it would be: 

We have something for everyone. Step outside of your comfort zone to find many wonderful opportunities.

Favorite place to eat in Rochester: 
California Rolling
Favorite movie: 
“Freedom Writers”
Fun fact about me: 

The slinky is my favorite toy; I love and collect them.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do but never have: 
Learn to sign with my feet.
The one thing I can't live without: