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Report and Information Request Form

Note: This form is for requests to NTID Institutional Research, if you are making a request to RIT Institutional Research you must use their form.

Please complete the following form to make a request to NTID Institutional Research. After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation of submission and we will contact you to discuss the request further.

Please provide as much detail as possible in the request, with as much advance notice as possible. The complexity of the request, workload and priority assignments of staff will determine the timeline for completion. In cases where approvals are needed to release the data or information you require, we will advise and recommend a course of action, if feasible. If the data or information you request involves data to which we do not have access we will refer you to the appropriate data steward. If you are working with a firm deadline, please indicate so, in the textbox below.

Should you have any questions about completing the form, please feel free to contact us.


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Access to RIT private and confidential information must be carefully safeguarded. RIT Policies and Standards are the requirements the RIT community must follow when using RIT Information Resources. The RIT Information Access and Protection (IAP) Standard provides requirements for the proper handling of private and confidential information. It is your responsibility to comply with IAP standard, specifically as it related to access, use, storage, transfer/share, print and disposal of private and confidential information. Please refer to the links below for information:

RIT Information Security

RIT Policies and Standards

RIT Information Access & Protection Standard

I agree to comply with the RIT Policies and Standards when using RIT Information Resources.