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General Inquiries:

Rhonda Sliker

Senior Institutional Researcher/NTID Registrar
Phone: 585-475-6207 (voice)
Office: 60-1277

Rhonda Sliker came to RIT/NTID in 1989 and has held various roles in her 30 year tenure. She became Manager of NTID Student Records in 2000, and moved to her current position in the NTID President’s Office in 2013. Her expertise includes query writing, data analysis, enrollment reporting, student advising and registrar procedures.

Denise Wellin

Senior Associate Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 585-475-6358  (voice)
Office: 60-2208

Since joining RIT/NTID more than 25 years ago, Denise Wellin has served as a Counselor, Interpreter and Associate Director of Admissions before moving to her current position in 2014. Her expertise includes process management and efficiency of operations as the NTID point person for the admissions system and serves on the University-wide Student Information System (SIS) team. She focuses on admissions and enrollment reporting, academic program outcomes and communication assessments.