English Tutoring

English TutoringThere are several locations where you can access English tutoring for assignments involving reading and writing. Faculty in the Department of Liberal Studies offer individual tutoring for students in their own courses. The department also offers general English tutoring through the NTID Learning Center (NLC).

In the NLC, faculty and peer tutors will work with you on your English course assignments, as well as your writing assignments in other NTID and RIT courses. A schedule of tutors’ hours is posted in the NLC. Contact Kathy Varone for more information.

Individual instruction is available in reading strategies if you take courses in RIT’s College of Liberal Arts. Contact Jeanne Yamonaco for more information.

If you take courses in RIT colleges other than NTID, you can also access English tutoring at the Writing Commons via RIT’s Academic Support Center (ASC). Contact Rachel Chaffee for more information. The center also provides individual instruction in reading strategies. Contact Enid Stevenson for more information.

The following guide explains where deaf and hard-of-hearing students enrolled in associate, bachelor's, and graduate degree programs should go for support in improving their reading and writing.

  • Services provided by NTID are available to all students who are taking courses in NTID and the other colleges of RIT.
  • Services provided by the Academic Support Center (ASC) are available to students taking courses in RIT colleges other than NTID.
  • In addition to reading and writing support, content support is provided by various departments as listed in the ASC tutoring website, under Tutoring Services at RIT.

Students should meet first with their professors and discuss the most appropriate support available. In some courses, professors provide tutoring for their own courses. In other cases, professors can advise students where to go for additional tutoring.

Two areas provide support for academic success with a focus on reading and writing:

A) The Department of Liberal Studies provides peer and adjunct faculty tutors in the NTID Learning Center (NLC) for all students enrolled in NTID and RIT programs. Tutors work with students on their assignments in the reading and writing courses at NTID as well as provide reading and writing support for all courses throughout the rest of RIT. Both peer and adjunct faculty tutors are skilled in sign communication and English.

  • Hours are posted on the website.
  • Location: Johnson 60-2450
  • Contact: Regarding Faculty Tutors, contact Kathy Varone. Regarding Peer Tutors, contact Patricia Kenney.
  • The Department of Liberal Studies also provides a tutor for college reading strategies. Contact: Jeanne Yamonaco, 60-2236, x5-6850

B) If students take courses in RIT colleges other than NTID, they can access English assistance at the Writing Commons via RIT’s Academic Support Center (ASC). It is staffed by faculty and adjunct instructors some of whom are skilled in sign communication. Hours are posted on the website.

  • Location: Wallace Center-1650
  • Contact: Rachel Chaffee, x5-2823 
  • The ASC also provides diagnostic reading evaluations and consultations. If you take courses in RIT colleges other than NTID, you can access reading assessments at the Academic Support Center (ASC).