Contacting Employers

Contacting Employers Using the Relay Service with a Relay Operator

Do you have all of the following information ready?

  • Name of the companies/businesses you are calling
  • Name of the people or departments you want to contact
  • Telephone numbers and extension of the contact people
  • Copies of your resume and script (what you plan to say)
  • Paper and pencil to write down information during the call
  • Calendar

What is the goal of your call?

  • Following up on a resume that you sent
  • Inquiring about a co-op or permanent position
  • Following up on a job that was advertised

Who is the best person to speak to?

  • The person you sent your resume to
  • Department manager
  • Human Resources (Personnel) contact person

What is the best way for someone to contact you in the future?

  • E-mail, Pager, Fax, Relay or Regular Mail

What do you want to say? (script)

  • Introduce yourself: "Hello, my name is _____, I am a second year student majoring in _____ at the Rochester Institute of Technology (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) in Rochester, NY. "
  • Explain why you are calling: "I sent you a resume recently. I am looking for a summer cooperative work experience (co-op) in _____. "
  • Ask about job openings: "I was wondering if you expect to have any openings in my field this summer? "

When you reach the correct person:

    • Ask if they received your resume
    • If not, say that you will mail, e-mail or fax another copy
    • Ask about job openings
    • Ask about the possibility of an interview

If the person wants to meet with you,
    • Be prepared to schedule a date and time
    • Ask for specific directions
    • Confirm the information before you hang up
    • Thank the person for speaking to you

If there are no job openings,
  • Ask for other suggestions (networking) "Could you suggest other people or places I can contact in your area about a possible job? ", "Do you know of any open positions somewhere else? "
  • Thank the person for speaking to you

Important Tips

  • Keep a written log of all contacts (phone, mail, e-mail, and fax).
  • Be familiar with your resume and script.
  • Avoid calling on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.
  • Be professional, enthusiastic, and friendly.
  • Keep calls short and simple.
  • If you mail, e-mail or fax another resume, contact them again soon.
  • Don't sit back and wait for them to call you!

Visiting Employers


During your job search, you may decide to apply by going to the employer location, and giving your resume to someone there. You can make a good impression in person, and learn more about the employer, by seeing the workplace and getting more information. There may be company brochures you can take, and they might have a paper application that you can complete. Job descriptions may be posted on a bulletin board.

Dress professionally to match the work environment.

Below are some things you can say when you visit. You can type this information, and bring a printout with you to the employer location. It saves time writing there and shows you came prepared.

To the receptionist:
"I would like to apply for a summer (or permanent) job. Can you please tell me where to go to do that?"

To the person in Human Resources:
"Hello, my name is _______, and I am a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, enrolled through the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY. I am working on an associate degree in (major). I am looking for a summer (or permanent job) in (type of work). Here is my resume.

I am wondering if you will have that kind of work available?

Thank you for your time and consideration."


When you go to the employer site for an interview, you may have to see a receptionist, and sometimes a secretary also, before you meet the interviewer. Here is an introduction example:

"I am Mary Smith. I have a 10:00 appointment with the Human Resources Manager, Mr. Lockley, in the Business Resources Division. "