Dressing Professionally

A first impression from the employer is made in the first 30 seconds. It is important to dress for success. If you are dressed too casually (blue jeans, sneakers, t-shirt), the employer may think you are not serious about working. What you wear should look professional, for interviews, employer visits and job fairs.


  • General
    • Talk to professionals in your career for advice on what to wear.
    • Look clean and neat. Make sure that your hair is done appropriately.
    • Do not wear strong-smelling perfume or cologne as many people are allergic.
    • Cover any tattoos and remove any visible body piercing. Conservative earrings are acceptable.
  • For Women
    • Wear a professional suit, simple dress or slacks with a jacket. The appropriate colors are navy blue, black, dark green, dark red, burgundy, or gray.
    • Avoid wearing clothes that are tight, revealing or trendy. It may be the very latest fashion but it will not impress the employer.
    • Fingernails should be trimmed and the color of nail polish should not be too bright or dark.
  • For Men
    • Wear a suit or sport jacket with color-coordinated trousers. The color should be neutral or dark. The best colors are blue, black or gray.
    • Wear a tie, even if you will never wear one after you get the job.
    • Shoes should be cleaned and polished - black or brown are best.
    • Head and facial hair should be trimmed.
    • Make sure your nails are trimmed and that they are clean.

Even after you are successful in getting the job, you should continue to pay attention to your wardrobe. You should regularly add pieces made of high quality, long wearing fabrics. It is best to buy separates that you can mix and match with the pieces that you already own.