Electronic Portfolios

A portfolio is a visual way to highlight your skills during a job interview. Presenting your work is a crucial part of the hiring process. A portfolio should demonstrate creative ability, technical skills and ideas. It will leave a lasting impression about your unique style, talent and experience. It is probably the most important marketing tool you will create.


Portfolio Contents

  • Resume
  • Reference list
  • Samples of work showing your job skills (5 to 8)

Types of Portfolios

Make sure to have an electronic and a paper printout portfolio with you for the interview

  • Traditional (print) – an actual book with printed examples of your work.
  • Electronic portfolio - (i.e., PDF, distributed by CD/DVD, email or internet download.
  • Professional Webpage – an interactive site showing examples of your work.

Developing your best portfolio:

  • Remember neatness and careful organization are important.
  • Include high quality samples/projects.
  • Select samples from last 2 years of college or employment.
  • Put your best work first.
  • Label each sample with information on how you created the work (i.e., software, equipment and materials).
  • Practice presenting your portfolio with your employment advisor, faculty members and professional people.

For an example of showing a portfolio during an interview,