Often in an interview, the interviewer will ask for a reference list. This is a list that has names and contact information for people who know you well and are willing to say positive things about your work and personal qualities.


What is a reference list?

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  • It is a page that is separate from your resume
  • It lists 3 or 4 people who know you well, and are willing to talk to potential employers about your personality and skills

Who can be a reference?

  • People you have asked and are willing to be your reference
  • Former employers or co-workers
  • Former or current teachers
  • Former or current academic counselors
  • Not relatives or friends

What do you do with the reference list?

  • Bring copies of it with you to interviews (use high quality resume paper)
  • Include it in your portfolio

What does the reference list contain?

  • Your name, address, e-mail address, telephone and relay number (optional)
  • The name, job title, employer name, address and contact information for each of your references