The resume is a job search tool that provides an employer with a brief description of your education, job skills and work experience. A well organized resume, with no spelling or grammar mistakes, will help you to get an interview with an employer.



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Resume content

  • Contact information
    • name, address, e-mail address, telephone and relay number (optional)
  • Objective
    • type of position desired
  • Education
    • do not include high school education if attending or have graduated from college
    • GPA if 3.0 or above, Dean's list
  • Job skills related to the position desired
  • Work experience and volunteer experience
    • company name, city and state location
    • month/year started job and the month/year ended job
    • job title
    • brief description of responsibilities
  • Outstanding achievements (awards, scholarships)
  • Activities (optional)
  • Phrase at bottom saying "references and portfolio available upon request"

Remember to:

  • See your NCE employment advisor for help with listing the technical skills for your major
  • Have someone with good spelling and grammar skills proofread the resume
  • Print the resume on high quality paper (resume paper)
  • Make sure the resume is professional looking and easy to read
  • Send the resume to several people through e-mail, to make sure the format that is transmitted is readable, before e-mailing the resume to an employer (using 'plain' text format is usually the best way to e-mail a resume)
  • List education and jobs in reverse order starting with the most recent
  • Keep the information on the resume brief, one page is best

Note: People who have been working for a while since college should move the education section under the job skills and work experience sections.