Schedule A Letter

Schedule A Hiring Authority

Federal agencies are required to promote equal employment opportunities for U. S.citizens with disabilities. U.S. citizenship is required for federal employment.  These agencies can use special hiring authorities as one strategy for recruiting and hiring qualified individuals. The Schedule A Hiring Authority allows qualified individuals with disabilities to be considered without going through the regular competitive application process.

Who is Eligible for Schedule A?

You are eligible for Schedule A if you:

  • have a significant disability that qualifies you.  Therefore deaf and hard-of-hearing students and graduates of RIT/NTID qualify.
  • have written proof (Schedule A letter) of disability from any one of the following:
    • a licensed medical professional
    • a state or private vocational rehabilitation specialist
    • any government agency that issues or provides disability benefits.  
  • have the qualifications for any federal positions for which you are applying.
  • Schedule A letter example you can provide to your doctor, vocational rehabilitation specialist or government agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

 How to Apply for Schedule A Hiring Authority

If you decide to apply to a federal agency and take advantage of the Schedule A hiring authority, check with the agency to see if they will accept a letter indicating proof of disability from the NTID Center on Employment.  If they will, contact your NCE employment advisor.  If not, you will need to provide other proof as indicated in the section above.

Note: the Schedule A letter is valid for one year and must be requested yearly