Telephone interview

Many companies screen applicants over the telephone. How well you do will depend on your preparation for such calls and the impression you make. Here are some tips:

  • Any telephone calls during your job search could be an employer. Answer the phone appropriately every time; first impressions are important.
  • Be sure to inform roommates and parents of the importance of taking careful telephone messages for you.
  • Your greeting on your answering machine should be businesslike.
  • Keep the following items next to your telephone: paper, pen, copy of your resume, date book, a log of companies you have contacted, your own course schedule including major exams/projects, and a copy of the job description.
  • Express your pleasure at receiving the call, but don't act like you have won the lottery.
  • Ask for a minute to turn down the stereo, close the door and set the stage for privacy and quiet.
  • Your voice is your only means to express energy and enthusiasm.
  • Use pauses effectively -- think about what you will answer or ask next.
  • Don't hang up before you know the next step and thank the interviewer for calling
  • Get the interviewer's full name, title and phone number.