Hiring Co-op Students

Post a Job NowRIT is a nationally recognized leader in cooperative education. All RIT/NTID programs, including those at the associate degree level, include mandatory or optional cooperative work experiences (co-op), or some other form of experiential education, such as field placements or internships. RIT/NTID requires no formal agreement with employers to establish a co-op hiring relationship.

Why should I hire a co-op student?

  • Co-op students can fill a variety of short-term staffing needs from temporary to flexible work blocks.
  • Co-operative work experiences provide an opportunity to evaluate potential employees on a short-term commitment basis.
  • Co-op students bring new ideas into your organization.
  • Hiring an RIT/NTID co-op student enables you to diversify your workforce.

How does co-op work?

  • Students work full-time for at least 10 weeks in a job related to their program of study.
  • Employers establish the same job requirements for co-op students as other employees and complete a job performance evaluation form.

Does NTID provide any oversight for the student?
NCE arranges visits to selected co-op students and supervisors to improve our services to both.

How can I hire a deaf or hard-of-hearing student?
It's easy. All you need to do is request candidates and tell us about your staffing needs.