Application Letter

A letter to apply for an advertised job opening is always sent with a resume, by postal mail or e-mail, to explain how you qualify for the available position with that employer. The purpose of sending a letter and resume is to hopefully get an opportunity to interview. Research the organization and use the information in the letter to show you know something about it.

  • (First paragraph) State the job title of the position you are applying for, and the name and date of the publication or Website where you found the ad.
  • (Second paragraph) Highlight your relevant skills, experience, and personal qualities that match what is wanted in the ad, and refer to your enclosed/attached resume for more details.
  • (Third paragraph) Say that you will contact the employer soon to schedule a meeting, and state the best way to contact you if he/she has any questions.
  • (Fourth paragraph) Thank the individual and mention that you look forward to hearing from him/her.

Keep a copy of each letter. If you don't hear from the employer in a couple of weeks, follow up. See Contacting Employers Using the Relay Service with a Relay Operator.

Example Application Letter

34 Bennington Drive
Portsmouth, MN 55410
September 18, 2010

Mr. Thomas Hadley
Accounting Manager
Redfield Distributors
75 Acorn Way
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Dear Mr. Hadley:

Your advertisement of the position of Accounting Manager, reference number 7375, posted September 15, 2010 on interests me very much. I recently relocated to the Minneapolis area and would like to apply for the job.

The position description sounds very similar to my most recent position of Accounting Manager at Sunray Corporation, where I supervised and trained a staff of 25 employees. I was responsible for all centralized accounting, management information systems, and internal control policies and procedures. In addition, I prepared monthly capital budget variance reports and provided project management support for several groups. I was recognized for streamlining the department's activities.

Previously I worked as a Financial Analyst for Alba Business Consulting Services, and was involved in strategic planning and forecasting for senior management of a national corporation. Because of my success there, I was asked to prepare federal and state tax requirements for the entire company. I learned from the Redfield Distributors website that you are looking to start distributing outside of Minnesota, and I would be excited to contribute to that new aspect of your business, given my experience with commerce in different states. In addition, I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My attached resume gives you more details on my professional experience and activities.

I will contact you soon to schedule a meeting with you. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you and further discussing my qualifications for the position.

Donna Smith