Writing Business Emails


Learn more how to conduct email correspondence.

Writing Business Emails

There is a difference between sending e-mail correspondence to an employer and sending e-mail to friends. The format and wording of e-mail sent to an employer must be professional and business-like, not casual. There is etiquette, or certain rules, that must be followed when sending e-mail correspondence to an employer.

When sending e-mail correspondence to employers:

  • Use a business letter format. For more information, see Correspondence.
  • Use a professional salutation ("Dear Mr. Johnson:", instead of "Hey" or "Hello").
  • Do not use a cute, personal or suggestive e-mail address (i.e., hotpink@aol.com).
  • State the topic of your e-mail in the subject line.
  • Keep your message brief with important details.
  • Do not use abbreviations.
  • Do not use emoticons (little smiley faces).
  • Use correct spelling and proper grammar.