Ethics of Accepting/Declining

Once you accept a co-op job offer, even verbally, you must not change your mind and back out to work for another employer. If you have any questions/concerns about this, discuss with your employment advisor before taking action!

Good employer relations are important for the success of our co-op program, and you, the student, are a part of this relationship. Therefore, consider carefully before accepting a co-op position.

  • Discuss offers thoroughly with employers so you understand the terms and reach a mutually acceptable date to respond to their offer.
  • Request more time from employers if you need to consider other opportunities. Do not ignore deadline dates you have agreed upon.
  • Notify employers that you are accepting or rejecting an offer as soon as you make your decision - never later than the arranged date.
  • Once you accept a job offer, immediately inform other employers who are considering you.  Your acceptance of an offer is a commitment you made to the employer.
  • Cancel any other scheduled interviews or on-site visits.