Networking & Hidden Job Market


One of the best ways to find employment opportunities is through networking, asking people you know to help you with your job search. Your network can help you find job openings and make contact with employers. Many jobs are not advertised to the general public and may only be known by the people working at the company. These jobs, called the hidden job market, are often found through networking.

What is networking?

  • Making contact with people you know and informing them that you are looking for a job
  • Asking people in your network for contact information for employers or other people they know who might be able to help you find a job

Why network?

  • To make others aware of your job search to see if they can give you information about possible job openings
  • To find out about jobs that are in the hidden job market
  • To make new employer contacts

Who should you network with?

  • Everyone!
  • Family members
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Former supervisors and co-workers
  • Former or current teachers, classmates, VR counselors or deaf service agency workers
  • Members of your place of worship, community groups or gym

How do you network?

  • Contact people you know, let them know you are looking for a job
  • Describe the kind of work you are looking for
  • Ask if they know of any companies that are hiring or if they know of any companies where you could apply for a job
  • Ask them for the names of other people you can contact who would be willing to help you and be part of your network
  • Give your resume to people in your network to share with employers whenever they see job opportunities for you