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The main role of the NTID Center on Employment (NCE) is to assist current students and graduates with their job search.  Take advantage of some or all of the services below to get started.

Employment Advisors provide job search tutoring that can help you:

  • Write or improve your resume and cover letter
  • Complete a job application
  • Put together a list of references and a portfolio
  • Use books and Web resources to find employers you can contact about possible jobs
  • Find job announcements on the Web and apply
  • Consider different ways to approach employers about employment
  • Prepare for interviews and follow up using various communication strategies
  • Get ready for the working world

Employment Resources in LBJ Building

LBJ Room 2450

Books With Employer Contact Information

  • US and international directories, some for specific majors
    • In glass-fronted cabinets in NCE tutoring area, ask NLC worker for assistance
  • Large business and manufacturing directories
    • On top of the cabinets

Materials must stay in NLC

LBJ Room 2808

  • Books and Magazines on Job Seeking and Employment Job Listings
  • Current students, staff, and faculty may sign out in notebook on shelf
    May borrow 2 items for 2 days
  • Brochures from Employers, Community Information

Ask staff for assistance, materials must stay in NCE

Practice job interviews and making telephone calls

You can practice with your employment advisor or:
In the Spoken Language Learning and Practice Lab (SLLPL)
Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Learn more about SLLPL services