Success Stories

Employers say...

"We absolutely love our co-op students! They work at lightning speed, show up to work on time, are very focused and efficient, and are able to work on multiple tasks at the same time. "
University of California San Diego
Lakeishia Brown’s electrical engineering major challenged her to be more motivated and more persistent.
RIT’s MIS program and its successful job placement rate motivated Patrick Seypura to enroll and succeed.
Kim Hoang feels confident about her future in graphic design because her time at RIT/NTID and her co-op have provided the background she needs to be successful.
Museum Studies major Susana Flores enjoys using 21st century technology to preserve manuscripts and images of the distant past.
Christopher Fenn took advantage of his co-op experience at General Electric to leave his comfort zone and try new things.

Using her love for chemistry and math in the Laboratory Science Technology lab led Amie Sankoh to plan a career helping people in her homeland of Sierra Leone.

On co-op, Hugo Perez understood the real value of his studies.
Natalie Snyder's studies in Biomedical Sciences take her down the rewarding path of helping others.
A co-op with the National Guard in New Hampshire gave Justine Woodward experience in customer service support.