Success Stories

Employers say...

"He was a phenomenal intern for us. To be honest, at first I was a bit nervous about how we would communicate and relate to each other, but it was really a non-issue throughout his whole internship.  Not only did he have a fantastic work ethic but his designs were great—the communication was really not an issue at all.  We used instant message and e-mail and we would use whiteboards and it was just very smooth."
Walt Disney Company Consumer Products
The challenges of using color and balance to enhance design motivated Leah Murray to work harder.
Anna Bracilano’s minors in Women’s Studies and Criminal Justice were a perfect fit for a job in her home state.
A co-op as an assistant trainer allowed Skip Flanagan to "get after it."
Robin Alummoottil

Packaging Science training and co-op experience helped Robin Alummoottil land a job with an internationally known employer.

Sofia Siliezar

Sofia Silezar's work helps others find jobs.

Monique Cottman

Skills and interests in human resources, business and management are leading Monique Cottman to seek employment the area of Equal Employment Opportunity after graduation.  

Robb Dooling

NASA intern Robb Dooling worked on a script generator application that will graph data and measurements for the Orion Spacecraft, scheduled to launch September 2014.

Providing good food and service and making “Every Guest Feel Special” kept Keith Banks smiling and busy all summer.

Michael Raffanti

Michael Raffanti helps with the nation's business in Washington, D.C.