Success Stories

Employers say...

"He was a phenomenal intern for us. To be honest, at first I was a bit nervous about how we would communicate and relate to each other, but it was really a non-issue throughout his whole internship.  Not only did he have a fantastic work ethic but his designs were great—the communication was really not an issue at all.  We used instant message and e-mail and we would use whiteboards and it was just very smooth."
Walt Disney Company Consumer Products
Erick Hoens

Finance and business training plus familiarity with managing corporate assets help Erick Hoens on the job.

Melissa Skyer

Reviewing the environmental aspects of pipeline operations takes Melissa Skyer out of the office.

Gabriela Perrusquia

Gabriela Perrusquia used her graphic design skills to help clients achieve their goals.

Jay Che-Wei Liu

A New York City contemporary design fair is the destination for Jay Liu's toy design.

Jaime Harter

Marketing, finance and business courses gave Jaime Harter the training she needed to succeed.

Douglas Giaccone

Douglas Giaccone drew on his design skills and creative thinking while on co-op at UTC Aerospace.

Steven Forney

For Steven Forney, working with Unmanned Aerial Systems, also known as drones, is a dream come true.

Pierce Hamilton

Hard work on a summer job for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers helped Pierce Hamilton become a STAR.

Timothy Holmes

Creativity, skills and motivation helped Timothy Holmes get the job done.