Success Stories

Employers say...

"We absolutely love our co-op students! They work at lightning speed, show up to work on time, are very focused and efficient, and are able to work on multiple tasks at the same time. "
University of California San Diego
Amanda McWhorter

Amanda McWhorter's interests in people, jobs and future success led her to a government job in her field of study. MORE

Ryan Hallerman

The comprehensive background in computer aided drafting technology that Ryan Hallermann got at RIT/NTID led to a bachelor's degree and an interest in preserving our natural resources. MORE

Matt Jenkins

A promotion and job transfer from Tennessee to New Jersey keeps Matt Jenkins busy creating sterile and safe packaging for critical medical needs. MORE

Megan Clegg

A prime example of the growing influence of social media, Megan Clegg found her job on Twitter. MORE

Kelly McNabb

Alternative energy sources captured Kelly McNabb’s imagination and led her to study the polymer blends associated with fuel cells. MORE

Sam Sepah says his experiences at RIT helped him succeed both personally and professionally. MORE

Makini Diaz

At Elizabeth Arden, a global fragrance and cosmetics company, Makini Diaz's co-op experience in packaging design helped her gain the real-world experience that translated into a full-time job after graduation. MORE

Abbi Simons

Completing a co-op in the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History, gave Abbi Simons a look back at history and a step forward toward her future. MORE

Melisa Wallace and her partner, a K-9 dog named Auburn

Melissa Wallace and her partner work together to sniff out prohibited food and plant items to prevent them from entering the country and contaminating our national food sources. MORE