Amie Sankoh


Dallas, Georgia

Degree programs

AAS, Laboratory Science Technology; BS, Biochemistry

Year of graduation


Place of employment

The Dow Chemical Company, Pennsylvania

Job Title

Laboratory Technician

Work Responsibilities

I had two co-ops at Dow Chemical Company. In Michigan in 2013, I was an intern at the Dow Chemical Analytical Sciences R&D Laboratory. I worked with a team of research scientists who supported a wide range of research projects aimed at bringing new products to the market. Some of my responsibilities were to evaluate two new UPLC liquid chromatographs for two different manufacturers, and assist a number of project research scientists in the group with sample preparation and analysis.

In Pennsylvania in 2014, I worked with Dow’s coatings group in synthesis labs where I compared analyses of the effects of chemicals on a painted surface. I helped actively pursue solutions for recognized technical problems and took the initiative to identify future problem areas or opportunities for profit improvement. I also tested and performed troubleshooting of liquid coatings to meet customer specifications and requirements in the industrial coatings market.


How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

In NTID’s Laboratory Science Technology program, I developed many valuable skills that helped me at my internships. I was trained very well to work in laboratory employment settings. The program provides hands-on experience, which allowed me to practice with instruments and develop and use lab skills that are commonly used in the workforce. Also I pay close attention to detail and am dedicated to my work. I intend to pursue a career in a research laboratory after graduation, and I hope to earn my master’s degree while working and before entering the pharmaceutical field.


Doing a co-op or internship is important because it not only provides you with great and rewarding learning experiences, but also allows you to gain varied learning experiences and then apply your skills and the principles you have learned. Remember to pay close attention to detail and be dedicated to your work. Be always motivated, disciplined, focused, and determined to get your job done well and on time. Use co-op or internship experiences to help invest in your future. They will help you become familiar with real world experience, networking, resume building and time management, and give you a good career foundation. Last thing—it is never impossible to find an internship; you just have to work hard and never give up. In the meantime, keep up with your school work!

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