Cecilia S. Grugan


Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Degree programs

Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in Applied Arts and Sciences from the School of Individualized Study (SOIS); Concentrations: Communications and Psychology; Minors: Women & Gender Studies and Creative Writing.

Year of graduation


Place of employment

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), independent federal agency based in Washington, D.C.

Job Title

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist

Work Responsibilities

As an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist I provide day-to-day technical guidance to federal agencies on aspects of the federal government's equal employment opportunity programs, e.g., affirmative action/complaint and compliance activities. I participate in agency program evaluations, analyze large volumes of appellate processing and compliance data, and conduct research and draft substantive responses to oral and written inquiries.

Personally, I am most passionate about the work I do for the reasonable accommodations process and disability advocacy component of federal agencies' respective Equal Employment programs. 

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

I did not pursue in a degree at RIT/NTID with the intention to become a federal employee. My current career happened rather organically. To put it in a nutshell, my studies and interests evolved, leading me from one thrilling experience to the next. Because of fantastic opportunities I gained, I decided to take a leap of faith, which led me to EEOC. Nevertheless, my academic experiences, and perhaps even more so, my student employment experiences at RIT/NTID prepared me for success in graduate school, several internships, and my current job. As an RIT/NTID student, I felt valued and important; therefore, I had the confidence to take the plunge


Whenever you have the opportunity to share what you're interested in (e.g. during introductions, class discussions, meetings), remind yourself that it is okay if your answer is different every time. You are an ever-evolving human being. That won't stop unless you allow it to. College provides just a marvelous fraction of opportunities for you to explore when figuring out where to go/what to do next after graduation. For right now, all you really need to do is focus on each class, shift at work, event, program, and/or meeting by doing your absolute best and learn as much as you're able. College is short and sweet. Embrace it. Have at it.

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