Curtis Martin


Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Degree programs

A.O.S., Design and Imaging Technology

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Annex Business Media, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Job Title

Graphic designer/photographer

Work Responsibilities

My main project was to redesign my employer’s website. I used my iMac for that and for daily projects that involved creating many different kinds of magazine advertising both for the web and for print. I created business cards and completed other projects using my graphics skills. I was assigned photography projects as well and directed a photography shoot at a tradeshow event. I also took headshots of every staff member in the company, over 100 different people. In this busy and creative job, I used my good time management skills and was highly motivated to do well.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

In class I learned how to use the tools and the rules of graphic design, tools like computers and different types of software, and also the value of using regular pencils, rulers, etc. to complete my work. My coursework also helped me to manage and meet deadlines—an important part of my co-op job. Having this degree will give me the opportunity to find a good job. Completing my co-op helped me build my portfolio, and if my portfolio is strong, and the work is professional, there will be a greater opportunity of getting hired.


If you really want to get a good job, make sure your portfolio is strong and filled with original works. It is an important key to getting a job and it will impress your interviewer.

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