Hoa (Kim) Hoang


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Degree programs

A.S. Graphic Design

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Eagle Ridge Institute (ERI), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Job Title

Summer co-op, Graphic Design

Work Responsibilities

I designed the brochures, logos, banners, posters, flyers, and agendas for a variety of ERI events. I made sure these designs looked good, represented the event well, and contained the correct content. I completed every task I was assigned, and I kept in touch with my partner for feedback about whatever content or design needed editing or adjusting and met with her to discuss new assignments. When working on a project, I was satisfied only when my supervisor and partner loved my design work. Some of the personal characteristics that helped me in the job were my creativity and my ability and willingness to work in a team.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

Being on co-op helped further develop my skills in graphic design, creativity and communication. Feedback about the projects helped me learn new things. Also, I understand now how to apply teamwork to a group or a partner situation and discuss, share feedback and keep track of the time committed to a project. I enjoy learning and growing and won’t ever give that up! I will approach my future confidently because my time at RIT/NTID and this co-op have provided me with the background I need to be successful. I would like to teach graphic design, and I know I will enjoy it because I have the skills and feel well-prepared.


I chose to enroll at RIT/NTID because a friend, an RIT graduate who majored in art, encouraged me to attend. She told me RIT had a suitable major, an Asian club, and other activities that would make it a good fit for me. I did some research and realized that RIT offered great opportunity because it had the major I wanted, diversity, and many campus organizations to join, plus it provided support services and advisors for deaf students. All these wonderful things were everything I wanted in a college, and I felt supported and motivated. RIT will motivate you to get a degree and will have a big part in your success.

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