Keith Delk


Beach Park, IL

Degree programs

New Media Design (NMD) Minor in Entrepreneurship and PR & Advertising

Year of graduation


Place of employment

CSD Learns

Job Title

Digital Media Coordinator

Work Responsibilities

Manage film productions and coordinate the creation of digital content. 

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

The NMD program at RIT/NTID allowed me me to explore many areas of design, from prototyping to visual design to video editing. The program taught me how to be a well-rounded designer and empowered me with resources necessary for success in my fast-paced and ever-changing career.


Find something that excites you and gives you something to look forward to. This is what will drive you every day. Become good at it. Commit to it long term. It can be a hobby, business idea, sport or a skill. Something that isn’t a job. You’ll need it to unwind. This will help bring you that feeling of fulfillment and add fuel to your week.

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