Mason Chronister


Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

Degree programs

Administrative support Technology AAS

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution, New Cumberland

Job Title

Management assistant (administrative assistant)

Work Responsibilities

My primary duties are to provide my team support and work with them on various programs like onboarding new employees and recognition of employees during their careers. I use programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in my work. I also help my team with a variety of tasks like arranging video teleconferences and keeping track of a busy operational calendar.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

My major relates to my job especially because of working with software that I learned during my studies at NTID. My time at NTID also taught me to be detail-oriented to meet the goals and needs of my customers – in this case who are often my coworkers. My studies prepared me and helped make me a better team member for my company and help achieve goals in a timely manner. I am a great multitasker!


I would say to them to believe in themselves. I always have believed in any student including those like myself who have usher’s syndrome. No matter what, if you stay positive, involved and pursue your dreams, you will find opportunities out there.

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