Michael Raffanti

Michael Raffanti


Fremont, California

Degree programs

B.S. Professional and Technical Communication

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Office of U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin, Washington, D.C.

Job Title

Student volunteer intern (co-op)

Work Responsibilities

Some of my responsibilities were to assist the staff with office work, to research and draft documents for legislative aids and correspondents and to respond to constituent emails. I ensured the staff got the support they needed in researching various topics ranging from military tuition to compiling Government Accounting Office reports related to nutrition. I also picked up and delivered packages between the Hart, Dirksen and Russell senate buildings and sometimes the office of the Senate Majority Whip in the Capitol.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

The courses I took at RIT related to political science and communication taught me valuable skills and knowledge that was useful on the job. Some of the courses were public speaking, writing a technical manual, learning about the inner workings of Congress, and pursuing individual and group projects that helped further my self-growth. Also, the fast pace at RIT helped develop my multi-tasking skills, ensuring that my work was high quality and allowing me to meet multiple deadlines. I also was able to pace myself in a thriving, bustling work atmosphere like the one found in the Capitol.


It’s very important to be confident, responsible and assertive in a working environment, especially like the one at the Capitol. Being confident means you have an easier time approaching employees and employers to create networking opportunities. It allows you to take the initiative in interacting with others. Being assertive can show your employer how motivated you are to start working and how independent you are because you don’t wait for work to get assigned, you go ask for it instead.

Eventually I would like to work in a place where I can help other people achieve a better standard of life through public service.

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