Miko Arayata


Quezon City, Philippines

Degree programs

AAS, Design and Imaging Technology

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Center for Disability Rights, Inc., Rochester, New York

Job Title

Multimedia designer, photographer and videographer

Work Responsibilities

I was assigned various projects in the field of design. I designed flyers and invitation cards and shared drafts with my supervisor for feedback before printing and mailing. Another of my projects was to make a video of some of the center’s deaf-blind clients, edit it and translate the American Sign Language to written English. Part of my job was to provide video to improve the website for the organization. I am a very motivated person and was willing to work a flexible schedule as that was essential to communicating with my supervisor about projects and deadlines

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

The coursework in my major was very important. Courses like typography and graphic design, production workshop and Raster and Vector graphics helped me broaden and improve my skills as well as improve my portfolio. We were assigned projects with deadlines, which gave us a taste of real-world jobs. I learned the importance having a strong portfolio full of original works to show prospective employers that I work very hard. I also learned to ask the client questions, and doing that improved my communication and professional skills. The Visual Communication Studies Department faculty and staff helped me quite a bit and gave me some good opportunities.


Use your courses to increase your skills and get good experience for your resume. Having a portfolio with original works is very important. Be sure to use good manners and show a positive attitude.

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