Sean "Skip" Flanagan


Framingham, Mass.

Place of employment

Co-op at Powercore Athletics, Webster, N.Y.

Job Title

Assistant Trainer/Instructor

Work Responsibilities

I worked one-on-one with athletes and got to understand their mindset and approach to performance training. I provided exercise instruction, demonstration and coaching for athletes. I taught them how to “get after it” and get stronger for their chosen sports. I used all modes of communication to interact with my athletes. The visual demonstration aspect of training is huge, and I took full advantage of that. My other assignments included helping set up documents, re-write programs, facility maintenance and whatever other tasks I was asked to complete.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

One of the skills I developed was the ability to read people even better. I learned when to push people while training, when to ease up and how to identify training flaws. When I am able to identify some flaws in form, technique and mindset, I correct them right away. I also developed a stronger knowledge of the human body. I understand how it responds to different kinds of stress, to proper nutrition and proper training, and how there is a mind-body connection. I know firsthand the value of being in top condition. I was recruited by RIT to play baseball and being in top condition is important to me and my success. I was able to play the whole year without being injured. Everything I learned at RIT directly applied to my co-op, and it was really nice to arrive there feeling that I was prepared. My coursework and training at RIT also will help prepare me for the future by giving me a better idea of what I really want to do. RIT's co-op opportunities help me prepare for all aspects of life—the routines, the preparation, the commute, the grind, and ultimately how to excel in the real world.


It's simple. Just work hard, and focus on the task in front of you. And have fun. Excel in all you do, and everything will work out.

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