Taneshia Smith

Taneshia Smith


Baltimore, Md.

Degree programs

Associate's Degree in Applied Computer Technology

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Completed one co-op at Social Security Administration Headquarters in Baltimore, Md., and another as technical support in the department of Information and Computing Studies at RIT.

Job Title

IT Technican (SSA) and Technical Support (RIT)

Work Responsibilities

My co-op at the Social Security Administration involved a few different responsibilities, all based on computer support. I collaborated with my mentor/supervisor to create solutions to technical problems, some involving email issues that were very disruptive to the other workers. I built and repaired computers, installed and upgraded programs and operating systems on government desktop and laptop computers and set up government security and networks as well.

During my co-op at RIT, I maintained all the computers in the department of Information and Computing Studies, did troubleshooting and repairs, assisted professors with lab preparations and monitored the Student Instruction Lab.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

At RIT, I learned the basic skills necessary to operate in a computer-related working environment and it was clear how my academic studies would be important to my career choice.

My co-ops gave me valuable experience in how to handle real-life situations on the job. Having those experiences also made me more confident about the career I wanted to pursue. I can't emphasize enough how my co-ops added to my teamwork and people skills. These skills will help me in the future I see for myself—owning a business and using my knowledge to help other people succeed in life.

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