NLC Loan Agreement Form

1) I have received and now accept custody of the requested item along with its accessories/components, and agree this item is in good condition.

2) I agree to protect this item from theft and/or damage. I will keep the item and its accessories/components in safe condition, and not leave it unattended or unsecured. Should the borrowed item be found and returned by someone else other than myself, I understand that the NLC may prevent me from participating in the NLC Loan Program.

3) I understand the RIT Campus Safety will investigate the loss and/or misuse of this item. I will cooperate with such investigation.

4) I agree to notify the NLC Staff immediately if this item is damaged, lost, or malfunctioning.

5) I agree to accept full financial responsibility and I will not be allowed to participate in the NLC Loan Program if I fail to return this item in acceptable condition, regardless of reason(s).

6) I understand the time frame for this item is being loaned to me:

   Laptops or Calculators:

      - Between Sunday - Wednesday: due back the next day at the same time it was checked out.

      - On Thursday/Friday: due back by Monday at the same time it was checked out.

      - Laptop or calculator can leave the NLC during this time period.

   Everything else borrowed from the Resource Desk (not including laptops or calculators):
      - Due back same day at the closing of the NLC.

7) “Late Fee Fines” for laptop and its accessories/components or calculator begin to accumulate at $5 per hour starting five (5) minutes past the time this item is due.

         Late fee chart
         Laptop: $5.00 per hour
         Calculator: $5.00 per hour

   I understand I will be billed directly by the NLC for late fees. I also understand that I may not be allowed to participate in the NLC Loan Program until the late fee has been paid in full to the NLC.

8) I agree to personally return this item to the NLC Resource Desk where it was checked out, and not have another person return it for me.

9) I agree to allow myself enough time to get this item and its accessories/components checked in by the NLC Staff before the time that it is due.

10) When returning this item and its accessories/components loaned to me through the NLC Loan Program, I agree to not leave this item at the NLC Resource Desk unattended. I will make sure to hand this item directly to the NLC Staff who is on duty so that it can be checked back in properly.

11) I assume full responsibility for this item and its accessories/components loaned to me by the NLC until it is properly checked in.

12) After the return of an item loaned to me, I understand I may not borrow the exact same item immediately after without prior approval from NLC Management.

13) I will abide by the RIT and ITS Code of Conduct for Computer and Network as listed at