NTID Student Congress

NTID Student Congress (NSC) represents deaf and hard-of-hearing students as well as a number of deaf organizations at RIT. NSC has grown and evolving significantly over the past years to become one of the most recognizable organizations on campus. 

By hosting numerous events, programs, and forums throughout the year, NTID Student Congress hopes to better connect with its constituency in addition to informing and serving the deaf and hard-of-hearing community at RIT.

NTID Student Congress | Terms & Conditions of the Conference Fund Grant


Read the terms & conditions then click "I AGREE" to comply. 

  • We execute this program to maximize students' opportunities of attending a conference.
  • We dedicate a portion of our annual budget to this secondary budget of conference funds.
  • We aspire to maximize students' opportunities by delivering resources and financial support.
  • We consider maximizing opportunities for students as a mean to limit each student's use of the fund to one time per academic year.
  • We serve current students, therefore this conference fund is only for current students.
  • We require that the current student is to continue being a student the next semester at the time of the application. 
  • We serve in the NTID community, therefore this conference fund applies only to deaf-centric conferences.
  • We state the application process is to empower students to apply easily for a conference.
  • We can NOT guarantee that the completed application itself alone will send the student to a conference.
  • We apprise that we can provide financial support for: conference fees, transportation, room, OR board.
  • We can select specific parts out of the entire expenses to provide financial support for.
  • We hold all rights to edit our list of conferences on our Google Forms document.
  • We possess high regards for the student's judicial status, therefore we can deny the student's application based on that factor.
  • We expect that upon the arrival back to NTID after attending the conference, the student is to provide a workshop.
  • We require the workshop to be provided within the same semester and based on the conference's key points and be two hours long.
  • We call for a workshop to be provided the following semester if the conference is over the summer.
  • We are to use funds for conferences only from this NSC Eagle's Golden Egg conference fund secondary budget.


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