Move-in FAQs for Students Accepted to Associate Degree Programs and/or SVP

What time is the New Signers Program move-in and check-in?

Move-in for accepted NSP students is Noon.-4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 28, 2019. You will obtain your room key and detailed NSP program information at check-in, which will occur in the lobby of the CSD Student Development Center, Building 55. Convenient parking is located adjacent to the building. Click here for a campus map.

After you have moved into your permanent room, you and your parents also will need to meet back at the lobby of the CSD Student Development Center, Building 55 promptly at 4:00 pm for the NSP Orientation and start of NSP student activities.

How is this different from SVP move-in day?

Only NSP students are moving-in on Sunday, July 28, 2019. Other students who are participating in SVP only and not NSP will arrive on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

NSP students need to check-out of NSP on Sunday, Aug. 11 (times will be announced during the program) and then check-in for SVP according to the SVP instructions they received. Check-in for SVP will be in the lobby at the CSD Student Development Center, Building 55.

What do I need to bring on move-in day?

Supplies for the year: (Refer to RIT Residence Halls Checklist).

Bring one form of picture ID to use on move-in day. This could be: driver’s license, learner’s permit, high school ID, or current or expired passport. YOU MUST BRING ID IN ORDER TO OBTAIN YOUR PERMANENT RIT STUDENT ID.

Optional: A cart or dolly to transport your items from your unloading location to your room. A limited number of carts will be available for your use.

Am I moving into my permanent housing for the year?

Yes, upon arrival for NSP, you will be moving into your permanent assigned housing for the school year. However, if you are assigned to Sol Hall, you will likely experience a temporary housing assignment for one night during Colleges and Careers weekend, and will be temporarily housed in Ellingson Hall. You will not have to move out your belongings from your permanent housing at Sol, and your room will be locked and inaccessible by anyone during that time.