The Next Big Idea™

The Next Big Idea competition

The Next Big Idea is an annual innovation competition at NTID sponsored by ZVRS.

Teams of deaf and hard-of-hearing students worked together to create a product, business, service or type of technology that solves a problem or eliminates an existing challenge for potential consumers and/or users everywhere.

2018 Competition Results

The 2018 winners were selected by a team of judges from ZVRS, the competition sponsor, during the Next Big Idea final round on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Small World That --- 1st Place, $5,000

Small World That was comprised of members Sarah Stanislow, an International & Global Studies major from Pittsford NY, Lauren Putz, an International & Global Studies major from Chicago, IL, Rachel Soudakoff, a Masters in Business Administration major from Burbank, CA, and Priyanka Patil, a Masters in Computer Science major from Mumbai, India.  

Team Idea: Our aim is to establish a website that connects sign language users and/or Deaf/Hard of Hearing people all over the world. Through our platform, users will be able to search countries for their prospective travels and find other sign language users and Deaf/Hard of Hearing people to link up with. Users can choose from a wide range of options according to their preferences, whether they'd like to host a traveler or find a tour guide for a specific place. Our website will also be a central hub for finding Deaf-friendly businesses and excursions around the world. With Deaf Click, our hope is for the international Deaf community to form new connections with one another.

Vee TV ---2nd Place, $3,000

Vee TV members included Andrew Cho, an Admin Support Technology major from Fremont, CA, Vincent Venutolo, a Mobile & App Development major from Round Rock, TX, and Sami Williamson, a Political Science major from Hampton Bays, NY.

Team Idea: Streaming platform for entertainment and education purposes, developing an ecosystem for the signing community

Body Easy --- 3rd Place, $2,000

Body Easy members included Tony Nguyen, an Industrial Design major from Pennsauken, NJ, John Huang, a Masters in Business major from Brooklyn, NY, and Evans Seraphim, an Applied Computing Technology major from Brooklyn, NY.

Team Idea: Our idea is a workplace safety device for the back. The goal is to design a system to prevent the back injuries and also to reduce the stress on the back during lifting a heavy object. The back injury is a common problem in the US. Additionally, this device will provide with the assistive system to lift with less effort.

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