The Next Big Idea™

The Next Big Idea competition

The Next Big Idea is an annual innovation competition at NTID sponsored by ZVRS.

Teams of deaf and hard-of-hearing students worked together to create a product, business, service or type of technology that solves a problem or eliminates an existing challenge for potential consumers and/or users everywhere.

2017 Competition Results

The 2017 winners were selected by a team of judges from ZVRS, the competition sponsor, during the Next BIg Idea final round on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

BAGMAG --- 1st Place, $5,000

Hans Khols , an Industrial Design major from Boston, Mass and Wade Kellard, a Mechanical Engineering Technology major from Cincinnati, Ohio created Bagmag is a hands free solution for making a skateboard more easily portable on the back of a backpack.  A strong magnet inserted on the backpack connects to a strong magnet affixed to the bottom of the skateboard and eliminates the need to remove the backpack and use straps to affix the skateboard.

ASL Storyteller ---2nd Place, $3,000

Julie Love, a Graphics Design major from Riverside , California and Logan Lugo, an International Business major from Columbus, Ohio developed an interactive app that offers sign language to babies, both hearing and deaf, to help with language development and creates a smarter environment for signing babies.

Expect Zone --- 3rd Place, $2,000

​Amelia Hamilton, a New Media Marketing major from Austin, Texas, and Tanner Ketchum, an Accounting Technology major from Austin, Texas invented Expect Zone,  a rear view mirror with three flashing lights that lets the deaf or hard-of-hearing driver know when an ambulance, police car or fire engine is coming near. It flashes more quickly at the emergency vehicle gets closer.

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