The Next Big Idea™ Lite

The Next Big Idea™ Lite
Monday, December 9th, 2019
6:30-9:00 p.m.
CSD 1300/1310

A one-day mini-version of The Next Big Idea, designed to spark inspiration. Eligible contestants have up to three minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. Audience members can join if they meet eligibility requirements. No previous work is required in order to participate.


1) The competition is open to all RIT/NTID-supported students* who are full-time matriculated students or graduate students and who are registered for classes during the 2019-2020 academic year. Entrants can have no academic, judicial or financial holds.

2) Individuals have up to three minutes to pitch an IDEA.

IDEA submissions describe an early stage product or service with foreseeable commercial impact. This includes:
• The ways in which this venture is unique and what problem it seeks to solve or gap in the marketplace it seeks to fill.
• A description of your target market - inclusive of who potential consumers and/or users would be and what value your venture would add to their lives.
• Any potential challenges to delivering this product or service.

A general template will be provided for contestant use.

The proposals will be evaluated based upon their uniqueness, feasibility and the ability to impact people.

3) Submissions must be the original idea of the contestants and must not be in violation of copyright laws.

4) Submissions should not include racial slurs, sexist remarks, profanity or other inappropriate content.

1) First Place: $500
2) Second Place: $250
3) Third Place: $150
4) Fourth Place: $50

*Interpreting and MSSE students also are eligible to enter.