Dodge Grant Recipients

Ronald D. Dodge Memorial Endowment Fund – Grant Recipients

2018-2019 - Linda Bryant
Evaluating Video Features for Online Learning at NTID

2017-2018 - Linda Gottermeier
Mobile Applications to Enhance Communication in Learning and Business Environments

2016-2017 - Lea V. Michel
Quiet Chemistry: Working with Deaf Students in a Chemistry Lab

2015-2016 - Kaiqi Xiong
Engaging NTID Student Learning and Research by Exploring the Features of Smartphones

2014-2015 - Sandi Connelly
Implementing Full Access Video Lectures to Improve Understanding and Performance of All Students in a Large Science Classroom

2013-2014 - Linda Rubel, Rose Marie Toscano and Dianna Winslow
Writing Together: Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing Students in a Conjoined First Year Writing Class

Kurt Stoskopf
Graphic Storytelling as Part of the Classroom Curriculum for Deaf Students

F. Harvey Pough
Online Technologies to Facilitate Access for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students in Lab Courses

2011-2012 - No grant awarded

2010-2011 - Bonalyn J. Nelson and David Crumb
Methods of Adapting Case Teaching for Deaf and Mixed (Deaf and Hearing) Student Groups

2009-2010 - George Slack and Dino Laury
Dynamic Keyboard

2008-2009 - Cheryl Herdklotz
Online Caption Error Reporting System

2007-2008 - Deborah Blizzard
Teaching Teams: a Dialogue Between ASL Interpreters, C-print Captionists, and CLA Faculty

2006-2007 - Catherine Beaton
Backchannel Chatter, Divided Attention and Learning

2005-2006 - Rose Marie Toscano and Simon Ting
Multimedia Authoring Tool and Training Resources for Developing Sign Language and/or Captioned Video Lessons and Tutorials to Support Classroom Teaching and Distance Learning

2004-2005 - No grant awarded

2003-2004 - Allen Austin
Online E-mail Etiquette: A Multimedia Version

2002-2003 - Sharon Rasmussen
Promoting Access for Deaf Students in College of Science Courses

2001-2002 - Allen Austin
Online Email Etiquette: A Job-Related Perspective for Students

2000-2001 - Simon Ting
Web-based Remote Tutoring System

1999-2000 - Simon Ting
Web-based Instructional Testing and Evaluation System

1998-1999 - Stephanie Polowe and Simon Ting
Computerized Instruction for Academic Reading

1997-1998 - No grant awarded

1996-1997 - Robert Paine
Using Voice Recognition Techniques to Provide 'Instantaneous' Closed Captions for Videotapes

1995-1996 - Roberley Bell
Design Through Culture

1994-1995 - Jeff Porter
RIT and Learner Diversity: Teaching Each and Every Student

Harry Lang -
A Study of Teaching and Learning Styles

Bob Menchel -
Deaf Students Enrolled in Regular Colleges and Universities

1992-1993 - Ari Ogoke and John Sweeney
Evaluating Accessibility of NTID Student/Staff/Faculty Instructional Computing Resource Center (ICRC)

1991-1992 - Geri Stanton
The Rape and Sexual Assault Training Program for Counselors

1990-1991 - No grant awarded

1989-1990 - David C. Templeton and Lisa M. Davenport
The Use of Concept Maps for Science Instruction

1988-1989 - Pam Ng and John Sweeney
The Evaluation of Existing Personal Computer Software for the Macintosh Such as Spelling and Grammar Checkers by NTID Students

1987-1988 - Paula Brown and Patty Russotti
The Development of Domain-Specific Concepts: Novice vs. Expert Photographers

1986-1987 - Del Dagel
Student Retention

1985-1986 - Greg Connor
Using Reality Therapy with Deaf College Students