NTID Employee Development Plans (EDPs)

Employee Professional Development Plans: A Roadmap for Professional Growth

An Employee Development Plan (EDP) can guide you in setting goals for developing skills or knowledge to enhance your career. To engage in professional development activities that are relevant and rewarding, you are encouraged to design an action plan tailored to your unique needs, job requirements, and career goals. EDPs may reflect individual, department, and/or university goals. By collaborating with your department chair/supervisor, mentor, and other colleagues, you can evaluate professional development opportunities and identify those that can help you achieve your goals.

To be effective, your EDP should be:

  • developed jointly by you and your department head/supervisor
  • linked to your job description or Plan of Work (POW)
  • periodically reviewed by you and your department head/supervisor

Please note that EDPs should not be used to address performance issues (such as unsatisfactory performance). Your supervisor is responsible for working with the HR Services Manager to initiate a performance improvement process.

NTID Employee Development Plan (EDP) Form

For questions or assistance regarding EDPs, please contact Hope Williams, Manager, NTID Professional Development Program, or Katie Schmitz, Associate Dean for Academic Administration.