Staff Assistants and Specialists

Information for staff assistants, staff specialists and other administrative/support staff.

Career Competencies

RIT has identified key behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities that impact your success:

Training and Professional Development Workshops

Looking for professional development opportunities? Check out the programs offered by the Center for Professional Development:

Professional Development Funds

Do you need funds for a professional development activity? Funds are available for work-related programs, upon manager’s approval:
  • Lecturers, Professional Staff, and Interpreters: $1,300
  • Real-time Captionists: $250
  • Staff Assistants: $150
  • Please see your manager to discuss this important topic.

Upcoming Programs at NTID for Staff Assistants and Administrative Professionals

  • Crucial Conversations Sampler
  • ASL for Staff Assistants / Support Staff
  • NTID Services Tour

For more information about professional development opportunities, contact Hope Williams.