Scholarship Symposium 2016 - Media Files

2016 Program Book

The following participants of the 2016 NTID Scholarship Symposium have provided media files from their presentations.


ASL Philosophy Resource
Miriam Lerner, Sarah Cannon, Sarah Schneckenburger

Barriers to Justice Reasoning in Sign Language Interpreters
Robyn Dean

Biocultural Deaf Aesthetics: A Critique for a New 21st-Century Deaf Education Model
   and Paper
Michael Skyer, Laura Cochell

Career Technical Education and Program Offerings
Dino Laury

Concept Mapping: A Visual Teaching and Learning Tool in the Classroom
Michael Kane

Crafting Access: Reframing Communications Access as Interdependence
Linda Gottermeier, Christopher Taylor Edwards

Deaf Literature's Transformative Impact on Cognition
Rachel Mazique

Discipline-based Undergraduate Research from a Teaching and Learning Perspective
Bonnie Jacob

Integration of Experiential Learning to Develop Problem Solving Skills in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing STEM Students
Wendy Dannels, Matthew Marshall

Online Tutoring: Face-to-Face and Through a Lens
Lisa Elliot

Seeing the World Through Deaf Eyes: The Chile Study Abroad Experiences of Deaf Students
Joan Naturale, Denise Kavin

Simultaneous Communication: More Questions Than Answers
Baldev Kaur Khalsa

Students’ Use of Accommodations for Interviews and Co-op Jobs: Did You Know?
John Macko, Denise Wellin

Twitteracy: Would You Like a #hashtag With That?
Aimee Whyte, Erin Esposito

Use of Video Technology and Graphics for Qualitative Research
W. Scot Atkins, Gina Sangiacomo

Using Interactive Virtual Instruction for Deaf and Hard-of Hearing Technical Students
James Mallory

Poster Sessions

Automatic Speech Recognition Systems as Tools to Enhance Spoken Communication in the Workplace
Linda Gottermeier, Carol L. De Filippo, Raja Kushalnagar, Bonnie L. Bastian

Creating Flipped Classroom Lectures: Recommended Practices
Mike Kane, Heather Smith

Feasting on Deaf History
(There are videos in this presentation -- to view all, download the pdf and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Patti Durr, Jeanne Behm

Preliminary Analysis of Second Language (L2) Learners' Discrimination of Phonological Contrasts in ASL
Deirdre Schlehofer, Isaiah Tyler

Sitting Height: An Adult Correlate of Physical and Neurocognitive Growth Dysregulation by Early Childhood
Vince Samar

Two ADHD Scales Used with Deaf Adults are not Confounded by Cultural Identity
Ila Parasnis