Scholarship Symposium 2017 - Media Files

2017 Program Book

The following participants of the 2017 NTID Scholarship Symposium have provided media files from their presentations.


ASL Literature Resource
Miriam Lerner, Sarah Schneckenburger, Sarah Cannon

Assessing Online Readiness
Linda Bryant

E-Portfolios and Digital Portfolios
Kathleen Szczepanek, Mary Beth Parker, Tracy Magin, Adriana Kulakowski

Field Study of Using Automatic Speech Recognition to Facilitate Communication between Deaf Students and Hearing Customers
Michael Stinson, James Mallory

Making the Best of Imperfect Automatic Speech Recognition for Captioning One-on-One Meetings
Larwan Berke, Matt Huenerfauth

NTID and Deaf Studies Archive Collections: How to Use in Classes
Joan Naturale

Quiet Science: Training Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Bioscience Research
Austin Gehret

The Many “Faces” of Online Instructional Materials at NTID
(Contact Linda Bryant to request additional information on this session)
Linda Bryant, Wesley Blue

Variation in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing College Students’ Knowledge of General-Purpose and Academic English Verbs
Gerald P. Berent, Susan Rizzo, Kathryn L. Schmitz, Kimberly Persky

Poster Sessions

Earning a Spot on the RIT myCourses Top 50 Heavy Hitters: Practical Tips
Michael Kane

Implementing Full Access Video Lectures to Improve Understanding and Performance of All Students in a Large Science Classroom
Sandra Connelly

Interpreting in Foreign Language Courses - Techniques and Travels
Kathleen Darroch, Denise Herrera, Kira Webster