Kathleen  Treni
Continuum of Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, BCSSD
Ramsey, New Jersey

Kathleen Treni is the Principal of the Continuum of services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Bergen County Special Services District (BCSSD).  The Continuum includes a Listening and Spoken Language pre-K through 12th grade programs for deaf and hard of hearing students in Midland Park, NJ,  pre K through 12 th grade Total Communication programs in Hackensack, New Jersey,  “Sound Solutions”, a service agency of itinerant teachers, therapists and audiologists who consult with school districts throughout northern New Jersey area.   In addition, she oversees the early intervention program, a home and center based model.  Other professional duties have included being adjunct professor in the Speech and Communication Disorders department at Montclair State University teaching Supervision and Organization of Speech Programs.

Kathleen was born deaf to hearing parents. Both she and her brother, Mark, who is also deaf, were raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in the public schools.  Graduated from the University of Miami with two degrees, Kathleen taught in Miami, Boston and in New Jersey.  Originally, she taught High School Biology to typical students, but found that experience to be quite a challenge.  She then became a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. She taught all ages and all levels, from early intervention through 12th grade.  After finishing a second Master’s in School Psychology, Kathleen was a school psychologist for several years before becoming Supervisor.  As Director, she has earned a reputation for having high educational standards, outcomes and for her vision in deaf education.  In Midland Park, she helped establish a complete Kindergarten through sixth grade collaborative education program that is a model of inclusion.  She completed her third master’s in Administration.  As Principal, she continues to oversee the entire continuum of services in BCSSD.

Outside of school, she is a member of the Alexander Graham Bell Association since 1973, when she received the Elsie Grosvenor scholarship from the Association.  She has since been active in DHHS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Section), served as an officer, attended DHHS retreats, and functioned as a mentor to young deaf and hard of students for as long as she can remember.  As a professional, she was a member and chairperson of International Professional Section and the past-chairperson of Public School Caucus, a group of administrators of deaf and hard of hearing programs around the country.  She has served on the school aged financial aid committee since 1995 and represented the Association on the CED advisory board for a number of years.  She has contributed in both the Volta Voices and Volta Review magazines.  Kathleen served as President of the Alexander Graham Bell during the 2010-2012 term.

In 1992, she received a cochlear implant which she terms, “a miracle in her life.”  In November of 2004, she received her second implant and is now listening bilaterally.

In her spare time, Kathleen spends time with her family and friends or escapes to her Ohio cabin.  She thinks captioned theater is the best thing ever!  She enjoys reading, hiking, experimenting with Yoga, and planning her vacations.  Kathleen “Kat” lives in Ramsey with her husband, Michael, and their Sheba Inu, Neeka. They have three lovely grown daughters, Tiffany , Ashley  and Morgan and three wonderful grandchildren, Addison (4), Treyson (2) and Maeve (10 months).