NTID Website Comment Policies

The following rules apply to all participants in discussions that occur on NTID websites (those that begin with www.ntid.rit.edu and www.rit.edu/ntid), as well as NTID's official pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other websites. RIT/NTID reserves the right to modify or delete communications that violate these policies, as well as the right to permanently ban and/or block members who repeatedly or egregiously violate the code of conduct.

Participants in discussions on NTID websites and social media pages:

  • Will not intentionally offend, harrass, or embarrass others.
  • Will not solicit or spam others (if the purpose of your message is profit, it violates this policy).
  • Will not post links to websites that contain illegal or obscene content.
  • Will not use the NTID website to facilitate or promote illegal activities. This includes the illegal distribution of copyrighted works.
  • Will refrain from using offensive language.
  • Will not post or link to photos or videos that contain offensive or obscene imagery. Attempts to post pornographic material will result in a permanent ban.
  • Will not use the network to impersonate or falsely represent another person or organization.

If you have any questions about these policies or would like to report a violation, please send us a message via the NTID Website Feedback Form.